Day 1 Week 7 – Trust Your Feeling?

8/8/2016 – 7 AM run, sunny and dry, 3.3 miles warm up, 5 x 800 meters at 7:25 to 7:15 w/3 min rest, 3.3 mile cool down

The 7:25 to 7:15 pace equals 3:43 – 3:38 at 800 meters.  My interval time were 3:28, 3:33, 3:31, 3:31, 3:36.  I mis-read the rest time and did 2 minutes rest between intervals.

“It is my gut feeling, my friend says it with a conviction in her voice.

No question that it is important to trust our feelings.  But that statement is an hollow truth if we don’t understand the why or where our feelings came from, let alone if the feeling is pointing us in the right direction.

Feelings (or emotional anchors) come from significant emotional events usually embedded early in life.  We tend to “trust” them intuitively. Without careful examination, these gut level feelings can drive us up the wall and make our life miserable.  On top of that, under stress or when someone pushes our button, these emotions can cloud our better judgement.

Advertisers capitalize on our feelings.  THAT FEELS GOOD is always the modus operandi behind their sales pitch. Works great if it satiates your true feelings. Otherwise, it becomes cotton candy satisfaction which is short lived and not healthy for you.

Are you in tune with your feeling?  Do you trust it?

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