Day 3 Week 7 – Running Etiquette

8/9/2016 – 7 AM run, cloudy with slight breeze, 6 miles easy

Ms. Manners’ (Judith Martin) column is my favorite read.  She covers everything under the sun from dining table settings to obituaries and wedding invitations. I enjoy reading her column especially when Ms. Manners comes to the rescue for those socially delicate situations with rules that are apropos and save the day.

In comparison, running is less formal.   A lot less formal.  No dress code.  No defined rules.  You want to run on the right side of the road? or the left side? Go for it.  But there are a few etiquette that do follow me to the trail when I am running away from the dining table.

And they are as follows:

  1. Acknowledgement – when coming across someone on the trail, an hello or G’ morning shows camaraderie between kindred spirits; even when I am exhausted, a nod or a wave would suffice
  2. Courtesy – when overtaking someone, announcing “passing on the right/left or whatever” ensures less likelyhood of a collision; particularly if the other person has a dog on leash, imaging the mess that would be
  3. Respect – step aside, out of the traffic if you have to spit or stop for some reason; understand that situation happens, and folks are pretty understanding as long as they are not surprised
  4. Sharing the road – people have different paces (especially if they are on bikes); yield if you are the slower one, it is just physics and good safety rule
  5. Keeping distance – don’t tailgate or breathe down someone’s neck; not only it is rude it can be unsafe (in case they decide to stop or to spit)

Any other etiquette you would like to add to the list?

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