Day 5 Week 7 – On My Off Day

8/12/2016 – off day

Usually my off day means no running  and time for some yoga cross training.  Because I like the feeling of yoga’s meditative yet kinetic movements.

But today is so hot, I am even putting yoga off (at least for now).  Let’s see what I have done so far on my my off day:

  • washed cars – it rained after I washed my cars but I still enjoyed being outside in the cool morning
  • nap – very restorative (guess I was worn out from washing the cars)
  • drop my son off to the train station (Washington DC subway is going through a very much needed system-wide maintenance called safe tracking; the result is of course delay and my son had an important phone conference he was not to miss)

Well, it may not seemed much but the off day actually feels good and productive. Everyone needs an off day now and then.  I have been running 40 mile week for the last two weeks.  So, it’s good to give my body a break.

What do you do on your “off” day?


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