Day 6 Week 7 – The Heat Effect

8/13/2016 – 7 AM run, hot & humid, 7 miles easy

The most common three words I heard around the trail this morning was “It is hot.” And they weren’t kidding.  It was hot and humid even early in the morning.  It was as if a wet blanket was draped over me, suffocating my every breath.  “Better take it easy” I said to myself.

A 10k race was going on along the trail.  Poor souls, I thought to myself but waved enthusiastically at the runners trying to be encouraging.   The heat was more than what they were bargaining for, I bet.

Who does not want to be at home sipping on cold lemonade?  At least taking it easy like I was.  But it is a race.  Running, jogging, or walking – you push yourself in a race.  “Good luck runners,” I heard myself saying.

And it does not look like this heat wave will depart anytime soon.  Not until through this weekend at least (see below).  So, the air conditioning will be working extra hard, but I will not.  I will be in the kitchen getting that lemonade!

How do you manage to stay cool or to function during the heat season? 

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