Day 7 Week 7 – Week In Review (14 Aug 2016)

8/14/2016 – rest day

This week’s posts dealt with the serendipitous practice of knowing our individual self.

Trust Your Feeling? emphasized the importance of being in touch with our feelings, before someone else hijacks it.  Believe me there are plenty of outside influences will test you on this.

Similarly, knowing Why It Matters keeps us true to our life’s purpose.  The quote by Henry Adams is my favorite, “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”

And sometime we just need to remind ourselves there is always a choice (aka being proactive).  Stephen Covey called it “carry your own weather” knowing how much the weather affects all of us.  In view of the heat wave hitting our area, we can choose to deal with the heat effect and choose what to do.

Lastly, sharing my Running Etiquette to round off the week.  For the record, I ran a total of 34 miles.

Have a great week!


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