Day 1 Week 8 – Problems & Solutions

8/15/2016 – 3.3 miles warm up, 8 x 200 meters (first 100 meters at 6:30 effort, second 100 meters as fast as you can) w/3 min jogging rest between, 3.3 miles cool down.

My target was 25 seconds (6:40) for the first 100 meters, then beat the 25 seconds on the second 100.  Results – the first 100 meters averaged at 22 seconds (equivalent to 5:52 pace) and for the second 100s at 21 seconds (5:36).

Everyone has problems.  Big problems, small problems, urgent ones, not so urgent, etc. Great if these problems get solved.  But not every problem has a solution or requires a solution.

For example, I always had a problem about “what do I want to be when I grow up?” I kinda rose to whatever the situation needed.  Just be.  Never got an answer and may never will.

Sometimes problems are invented so a solution can be offered.  Marketing people are famous for that.  Sure, “real” problems do exist and are being worked on by scientist, doctors, engineers, and the likes.  Pick your problem carefully since not every problem needs to be solved.

What “problems” do you have that do not have solutions?

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