Day 2 Week 8 – Who Is Counting

8/16/2016 – 7 AM run, hot & humid, 6 miles easy

Ran extremely easy pace this morning.  One reason was because of the hot temperature, and the other was the speed intervals I did yesterday.   My legs felt tired, and the easy pace gave them a chance to recover.

The Harrisburg (my) marathon is less than 3 months away.  I feel good because my training progress is on track – both in distance and speed work.  My confidence however does not extend to the upcoming U.S. Presidential election which is even closer (83 days away).

To elect the best candidate for the important job of the President, people deserve to know what the candidates will offer:  their policy positions on ISIS, their visions on where the country should be headed, economy, jobs and so on.  With only 83 days remaining, what we hear instead is how flawed these candidates are.

Admittedly that no one is perfect (and we are not trying to elect a perfect president). The candidates need to engage on issues of substances that are important to the general public. And the window for discovery is rapidly closing.  Three presidential debates are scheduled (i.e. 9/26, 10/ 9, 10/19), let’s not let them degenerate to a (least) popularity contest.

What do you believe is going to happen on election day: (1) Trump loses, (2) Clinton loses, or (3) the American people loses?




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