Day 5 Week 8 – Eu-stress

8/18/2016 – rest day

Work is stressful.  That’s why it is a four letter word.

When first entering the workforce, I wrote on my resume that I am “looking for positions with increasing challenges.”  Which meant  greater responsibilities, span of control, scope of work and the likes.  Because the Peter’s Principle says you get promoted to the next level of incompetency.

Following the Peter’s principle, I worked through many levels of incompetency and got to retirement which I knew little of.  And now after a year and the half,  I actually prefer the opposite – something with less stress, or better yet something that are more interesting.

The pressure cooker of the past years is behind me. Being there, done that.  I am not looking back.  Instead, I am looking forward to things that are interesting to me. Presumably, when the work is interesting the stress is moderate and beneficial to one’s health and well being.

You may have heard of it.  It is called eu-stress.

How do you view stress?  Do you welcome it, run away from it, or neither (e.g. take it as it comes)?




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