Day 6 Week 8 – Mental Long Run

8/20/2016 – 14 miles long run easy pace.

What a struggle today’s long run was.

For some reason, the easy pace run was difficult.  The weather was hot & humid but no more than before.  The distance of 14 miles I have run before.  During the long run my mind kept wanting to slip into an “autopilot” mode.  Kinda liked to escape or space out. I had to constantly bringing my mind back to my strides.

Would it be easier if I just let my mind go? The answer is most definitely.  But the mental escape, albeit fun, could result in poor postures due to fatigues and cause injuries.  A common problem  in later stage of a marathon or any race.  That is a chance I rather not risk.

The two and half hours of long run was a physical as well as mental workout.  This is what is unique about distance running – the mental toughness required to sustain the physical run.  And I got my mental training today. By the time when I finished, I was exhausted and ready for my nap.


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