Day 2 Week 9 – Not Busy

8/23/2016 – recovery day,  drills

With the Annapolis ten miler coming up this Sunday, I am giving the blister on my right foot a rest.  No running today. Instead, I opt for the Achilles and general strength drills.

A common excuse of “I am too busy” is used to get out of unpleasant tasks – obligations you don’t want to comply,  phone calls you don’t want to make/ return, or people you don’t want to meet.

And it gives a false sense of self importance.  Too busy for trivial matters. Really?

Reality is that saying so frequently, it becomes a habit.  A bad habit.  And we are all creatures of habit.  Easy to lose touch with oneself and one’s purpose, the truly important stuffs.

Ask the questions: Why so busy?  Busy on what and what for? What is the priority?

Are you too busy for yourself?



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