Day 3 Week 9 – Summer Lull?

8/24/2016 – recovery day 2, no running

Hello? What is going on? Am I feeling a summer lull?

Let’s see, it is late August: 81 days to my Harrisburg Marathon, 76 days to the U.S. Presidential election, and a week after the Summer Olympics.  Nothing exciting seems to be going on other than students reluctantly getting ready to go back to school.

Checking the news, headlines buzzing like the cicadas outside, putting a summer trance over everything.  Marathon training is progressing.  Presidential candidates are repeating themselves.  And all the gold medal performances are memories.

An inexplicable lethargy drains every bit of energy out of me.  No oomph, no pzazz,  and no desire.

The feeling is akin to mile seventeen of a marathon – too far into the race, but not enough to see the finishing line.  What now? What will keep me pressing on?  It’s  soul searching time.  Reaching deep into the core and ask: Why am I doing this?  What do I need to do? Then again . . .

Maybe a siesta or late summer hibernation is the cure.

Have you ever been in a lull?  What does it feel like to you?  How do you overcome it?

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