Day 5 Week 9 – Heat Run

8/26/2016 – 10 AM run, sunny & hot, 6 Miles easy

Ran a heat run to acclimate myself for the upcoming Annapolis ten milers this Sunday. Weather was  sunny, hot, 80+ degree, but not too humid.

In this weather, cicadas was having a blast.  As I ran through the neighborhoods, I was immersed in a sea of cicada hymns. And the heat reflected off the asphalt making it feel like I was in a sauna.  I could see my sweat dripping off the bream of my hat as I took another sip out of my water bottle.

Heat, humidity, and hill add levels of difficulties to a run.  The Annapolis Ten Miler is famous for its 3Hs.

Mental preparation is every bit as important as what I do for the running gears and probably more.  It is the hidden dimension of a runner’s training that gives him or her the mental edge to push through  a hill or the last few yards or miles.

For my run today, I found that shades were my best friend.  They offered a respite from the sun and a chance to recharge my mental oasis.  I didn’t go out of my way for them but embraced the opportunity when it arises.  Luckily, there was also a breeze from time to time.

All good.

How do you cope with a heat run?  What strategy would you use?

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