Day 7 Week 9 – Week In Review (28 Aug 2016)

8/28/2016 – 7 AM run, humid, Annapolis 10 miler, 1:20:52.49

The Annapolis Ten miler not only did not disappoint in delivering its famous 3 Hs (heat, humidity and hills) but also humbled me once again.

My time was on part with my past A-10 races.  But this time I gained 4 blisters – 3 on the right foot and 1 on the left. Which tells me that I have more homework to learn about the proper running form.  Such is the characteristic of the minimal shoes which provides readily feedback.

Ran 36 miles this week.

Social Responsibility and Not Busy are knocks against egocentric trends. While it is good to be in touch with self, ultimately what matters is really not about the self.  But a larger cause.  Heat Run and A-10 Race Eve are inside looks at my preparation for the Sunday’s race.  My efforts, strategy, so on.  And lastly Summer Lull? is a representation on how from time to time I would fall into a funk and get over it.

Have a great week.

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