Day 4 Week 10 – “Forget About Great People, Where Are the Good Ones?”

9/1/2016 – 8 AM run, light rain, 8 miles easy

Even though it was raining this morning, my minimal shoes made it easy to run the 8 miles.  There was not much to get soaked, and I got to test the sandals in wet condition.  Sweet.

Patricia Murphy wrote the below piece that I feel is a must share. She asks a question I am sure many are wondering.  Is it a sign of the time?  I hope not.  Plenty of good people. Why did we end up with what we got? Hope you enjoy it.

I saw a documentary last weekend about John F. Kennedy Jr. and the primary goal that he began to pursue in his adult life. He told a close friend that he knew he was expected to be a “great person,” someone who would do important things and maybe even lead the country. But, he added, he believed the harder challenge in life might be trying to be a good person, someone who treated other people with kindness and was faithful to his family. What struck me about JFK Jr.’s hope was how foreign the concept seems to be in either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton’s thinking, but how common the sentiment is among everyone else I know or meet covering politics. We try to teach our kids to be good people. We aspire to it ourselves, too, even if we often fail. At some point, we used to also expect the same thing of our leaders.

Source: Forget About Great People, Where Are the Good Ones?

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