Day 5 Week 10 – A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Fix

9/2/2016 – 8 AM run, cool, 4 miles easy

A friend’s father passed away unexpectedly, and his funeral was today.  It was a unfortunate news.  And I planned to attend the funeral later in the day. End of story? Nope.

During this morning’s run, in spite of the beautiful weather and on the account that it’s a Friday before a long weekend (Labor Day in U.S.), my mind kept projecting into what was going to happen at the funeral.

Understand, like other significant emotional events, funeral ranks high on the list and serves as an emotional anchor for many.  But the silly thing was that there was nothing more I could do.  I much preferred to be in the moment about my running.  My mind however begged to differ.

The thought about the funeral was like a drop of dye in the water – it just spread and spread. From one thought to another, to infinity if I had let it.  By catching myself several times, I tried to replace the thought with counting of my steps (like focusing on the breath during mediation). I have learnt that negatives don’t work well with the mind.   Just saying no, don’t think about it, does not work.

The result: A mixed success.  I am glad it was only 4 miles.

What is on your mind?  Should it be?

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One Response to Day 5 Week 10 – A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Fix

  1. By smedi we can solve it, right…


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