Day 6 Week 10 – Political Calculations

9/2/2016 – 7 AM run,  cool & pleasant, 16 miles easy

Weather was gorgeous.  Many folks came out on the C&O Canal Trail to take advantage of the weather and the long weekend (i.e. Labor Day).

Above mentioned notwithstanding, the 16 miles was the longest run for my marathon training thus far.  The run was challenging in pushing the limits while conditioning my body at the same time.

Political calculations is an instinct every politician develops to survive in that business.  In that calculus, the voters who elected the politician should count as major stakeholders. However, they too often get only the lip service.  If even that much.

Cases in point:  Chris Christie is serving as the Trump Transition Team Chair.  What about the people of New Jersey whom Christie has sworn to serve?  Marc Rubio has won the Republican primary in Florida but has refused to commit to serving a full term if elected. What about the people of Florida who Rubio represents?  Then, there is Hilary Clinton.  Not sure whom she is serving other than herself.

The list goes on, but I think you got my point.

How can the voters win the political calculation?

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