Day 4 Week 11 – My Sleep Strategy

9/8/2016 – 7 AM run, cool, 6 miles easy

Feeling tired this morning.  Maybe the cumulative effects of the miles from earlier in the week and my poor sleep pattern  are catching up.

The importance of sleep as part of athletic training is well documented.  Sleep helps in the body’s recovery process.  Simply put: muscle grows or recovers while we sleep.

I need to develop a sleep strategy, not to mention the 18 miles is coming up on Saturday. To begin I will try the following:

  1. Practice restorative yoga as a pre-bedtime routine to prep the body and more importantly my mind for sleep
  2. Add a quiet time to read if my mind needs more encouragements to follow suit
  3. Repeat if necessary & be consistent in executing these steps

Let’s see if this strategy works.

Do you have sleep issues?  Suggestions on overcoming sleeplessness?

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