Day 6 Week 11 – Misery Loves Companies

9/10/2016 – 7 AM run, humid, 18 miles easy

No one would be running 18 miles unless they were training for a marathon or an ultra. Let alone in a hot steamy day like today.  Luckily, I was not alone.  Brandon and Alex were running 19 miles today.  When I caught up with them, it was such a mental boost & emotional support for the me that made the balance of the run easier.

I maintained my posture for the entire run.  My feet was tired but not unbearable.  But oddly, it was my running shorts the one that I felt least likely to give me problem started to chafe.  And you won’t believe out of all places, my crotch.  Yes, every stride for last couple of miles.  It chafed.  Not a pretty sight.

Making the matter worse.  Our community annual picnic was this afternoon, and I was in charge of it.  I ended up walking around like John Wayne, talking with neighbors for four hours.  When I got home I could hardly take another step.

The upside, if there is an upside to this story, is that I found out the chafing problem with my shorts today instead of during the marathon.

The End.


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