Day 7 Week 11 – Week In Review

9/11/2016 – rest day, ran 44 miles this week

Since the Annapolis 10 miler two weeks ago, I have opted to suspend the speed workouts in my training, in place for improving my running posture.  Clearly I am running for my health, rather run slow but correctly than run fast with a poor form.

Without question, everyone has a story.  Each life is interesting. How to tell a story without getting drowned out by data makes the difference.

This past weekend my mind was loaded.  It marked my first longest run of the marathon training, the anniversary of 9/11 (more below) and then ten day before the Autumn arrives. Not sure. Maybe it was the heat or my too much looking forward to the weekend that I could not sleep well.

Fifteen years ago today, America was attacked by Islamic terrorists and nearly three thousands people were killed and six thousands injured.  The terrorists hijacked four commercial airplanes and targeted the World Trade Centers (2) in New York City, the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, and Washington DC (the plane crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania).

The number of the American lives lost since 9/11 notwithstanding, negative emotion like hate and fear looms large both domestic and worldwide.  Could not help but to ask why?  Why so much negatives?  What do people hate each other so much?  Are we are winning or losing the war on terror?  What else can we or should we do?

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