Day 1 week 12 – Hill To Tempo

9/12/2016 – 3.3 miles (warm up), 8 x 45 sec hill repeats,  3 mile tempo at race pace (8:00 to 8:10 pace), 3.3 miles (cool down)

Resumed my speed workout today.  The hill to tempo is a marathon specific workout that aims to improve muscular endurance by fatiguing the [fast and medium twitch] leg muscles on the hill and then push the slow twitch muscle on the steady runs.

My time for the steady runs were:  8:21, 8:17, 8:02.  So, my legs were tired from the hill repeats, but I was interested in bringing my pace down so I can get a good feel for the race pace which happened on the last mile. And at the same time pushed the slow twitch muscle.

Other notes: kept a good posture throughout, no blister afterwards (10+ miles), in addition to the legs, my feet were tired toward the end.

Do you know your ideal training pace? Check out the McMillan Calculator.

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