Day 2 Week 12 – Geographical and Political Divide

9/13/2016 – 7 AM run, cool, 6 miles easy

Fifty-six day to election.  2016 is shaping to be one of the most unconventional election year  in recent history.  How did we get here and why?  There are as probably as many answers as there are questions.

One school of thought points to our political differences may be less to do with our affiliation to the political parties than where and how we live, as suggested by this Wall Street Journal article.

In other word, our political belief is shaped by our immediate experience, or perception is reality depending on if one lives in the city versus in the country.  This geographical divide manifests in issues such as gun control, gay-right, economy  unemployment , etc.

How then does the political process of election reconcile the differences? Or does it?

Do you believe the geographic divide between the city and the country is causing the political split we are witnessing? 

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