Day 3 Week 12 – Marathon Training Progress Check

9/14/2016 – 7 AM run, cool, 6 miles easy plus 6 striders

Just as these daily 6 mile runs starting to get monotonous, I realize my marathon specific training will begin next week (Week 13).  A good reminder that the Harrisburg marathon is only two month away.   And up to now, I have been building the base – conditioning my body. But, I am not yet marathon ready.

Specifically, more work in endurance.  Endurance in aerobic, muscular, fuel utilization, and my minimal shoes:

  • Aerobic endurance – need to be more comfortable in holding my race pace of 8 minute mile
  • Muscular endurance – my Achilles tendons are tender.  They need to get stronger
  • Fuel utilization – to be determined
  • Minimal shoes – need more distance in my minimal shoes.  Longest distance thus far has been 10+ miles without problem.  Will include in one of my long runs to work out any necessary adjustment.

Got my work cut out for the next two months.

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