Day 6 Week 12 – Long Run in Minimal Shoes!

9/17/2016 – 9 AM run, cloudy & cool, 18 miles easy in my minimal shoes

Three weeks ago, I got blisters from racing in my minimal shoes at the Annapolis Ten miler.  The A-10 has functioned as a test run on my marathon fitness.  Since that race, I made adjustments to my running form based on the feedback.  But the concern remained whether I would be able to run a marathon with the minimal shoes.

So, I decided to test it today.

Couldn’t have test-run my sandals on a long run any better day than today.  The weather is cloudy and cool.  Occasional sun but overall very pleasant, in the 60-70 degrees.  Ran the 18 miles on asphalt and sidewalks.  No problem – no blister, no strained ankles, etc.

No question that I am tired.  After three hours’ run my legs were tired and body was coated with salt from my sweat.  But it is a feeling-good kind of tired.  Prior to today, 10+ miles was the longest I have run in my sandals.  Now I know I can wear them in the Harrisburg marathon.  What a relief.


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