Day 3 Week 13 – “News”

9/21/2016 – 8 AM run, cloudy & cool (67 – 69 degree Fahrenheit), 6 miles easy

Friends tell me that they don’t read news anymore.  It’s too depressing.  I can see their points.  I like to stay current, but each time as I gleam through the “news” it gets harder and harder to find newsworthy information.

Maybe it is a sign of the time – the world around us is going down the toilet (pardon my metaphor).  But I am not so sure.  I believe there are more positive than negative happenings, everyday.

What “newsworthy” to CNN or Washington Post is selling newspapers, or the same motive with different media in this internet age.  These news outlets select and feed readers what they believe will increase their readership and subsequently their profits.

So, one could argue that this is what the readers want.  I am not so sure about that either. People now-a-day can get specific information they seek like the weather, traffic, etc. directly.  Maybe the so called “news” is becoming more of an entertainment or infomercial?

One thing I am sure about is that I will filter more and more of the “news” I get.

Do you get depressed reading the news?  How else would you keep up with what is going on?

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