Day 6 Week 13 – Easy Does It

9/24/2016 – 8 AM run, overcast & cool, 16 mile long run in minimal shoes with heart rate monitor.  Duration: 3 hour 11 min.

Two key training focuses for today’s 16 mile run: muscular endurance & aerobic threshold.

Muscular endurance – combined with yesterday’s steady run, today’s 16 miler was a killer. Particularly the last 4-5 miles, I could hardly move my legs.  My ankles was definitely sore.  Afterward as I sat in exhaustion, I could feel my calfs like they were on fire.

Aerobic threshold – I was mindful of not letting my heart beat get above 140 and making an effort to hitting the 123 level (my aerobic threshold).  In the beginning, my speed felt slow.  But in the last few miles, I had to slow my pace to a crawl to keep my heart rate below 138.  Maybe because I was tired, everything became a struggle, hence the elevated heart rate.

I couldn’t help to think that in the past long runs, the thought about finishing would have propelled me through the last few miles but probably at a cost of bad form, anaerobic threshold, or other no no’s that could have led to injuries or negative training effects.

Today, because I purposely kept my speed at or near the aerobic threshold, I was able to pay attention and become aware of the pitfalls from before.  And ultimately avoided them. A quality run – easy does it.

Have you heard the saying, run slow to run fast?

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