Day 7 Week 13 – Week In Review (25 Sep 2016)

9/25/2016 – Rest Day, total 51 miles this week

Stephen Covey of the The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People said, “You can’t talk your way out of a problem you behaved your way into!”  Nevertheless many would still try. It is a sure-fire way of losing one’s credibility.  And conversely, best way to establish one’s credibility is through action.

The U.S. Presidential election is 44 days away.  The news, instead of getting better, is full of negatives and downward spiraling.  It may be a reflection about the characters of the candidates. But certainly not much real issues are being debated.

Without much fanfare, Autumn has quietly arrived this week.  The changing season is most noticeable through the transition in the scenery and weather.  I appreciate the cooler climate especially during my long runs.  This week also marks the highest mileage of my marathon training thus far.

The combination of the weather and training has had noticeable effects on me.  I get hungry more (and often).  My metabolism is adjusting since I am burning more calories and fat.  And I am better rested (i.e. longer sleep) as well.  Which should benefit my mental state, fingers crossed.

Have a great week.

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