Day 2 Week 14 – Internet Of All Things

9/27/2016 – 9 AM run, cool, 9 miles easy

In her post, Elysha Lenkin talked about how losing her internet made her distraught.  I chuckled when reading it.  That was until this morning when I lost my internet connection.  All of a sudden it wasn’t so funny anymore.

In fact, it was a bit sad.

Besides the chunk of time I spent on the phone with my Internet Service Provider, I found myself “cut-off” from the world that I have accepted as norm with no clues of what’s going on.  What’s the weather like? How was the reaction to the presidential debate last night?  What about the bills I was planning to pay online?

Little did I realize how much my daily life is intertwined with the internet.  Without it, I was severely handicapped.

You can say that I got a taste of what Elysha was going through and took note from her post – stayed calm & be patient. Thankfully, I was able to schedule a tech visit for the repair, squeeze in my run before the appointment, and be back in business in a jiffy.

How important is the internet part of your daily life?

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1 Response to Day 2 Week 14 – Internet Of All Things

  1. Hi Terry. I know on paper it seems silly to let something that could be considered trivial to bring you down, but it happens….more often than I’d like. Thanks for the mention here. And I hope you’re back online!

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