Day 3 Week 14 – Self Indulgence

9/28/2016 – 7 AM run, overcast & cool, 8 miles easy, plus 6 striders,

Felt super tired today.  Barely pulled off the striders.  Understand that fatigue is part of the training, but . . .

“Find What Feels Good” is a saying by Adrienne Mishler of Yoga With Adrienne, one of my favorite yogis. To me, her saying has a kind and gentle feeling of indulging oneself in the pursuit of healthy and happy self.  Which I find refreshing.

“Refreshing” because I used to be a “no-pain, no-gain” & “indulging myself would only come at a price” type of guy.  I distrusted feeling, lumped it under the touchy-feely, can’t be any good category.  Kinda of hard nose, I admit.  Which is why I have a change of heart and embrace the concept of self indulgence.

We can’t always be on point, correct, and perfect.  Life is too hard that way.  Instead, self indulgence can help to re-store a sense of balance that would enable one to find what feels good.

What do you do to indulge yourself? 

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2 Responses to Day 3 Week 14 – Self Indulgence

  1. Lately I’ve been enjoying jumping straight to the ocean after my workouts.
    I moved to a beach town recently and since summer is over this place is like a ghost town, the best feeling I’ve had in ages, empty beach, just me there. Really relaxing, yeah, I need more time every morning but it is worth it.
    Nice to catch up Terry.


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