Day 4 Week 14 – Happy Running in the Rain

9/29/2016 – 9 AM run, light drizzle & cool, 9 miles easy

The light drizzle made me feel like in Seattle where nothing gets thwarted by the precipitation. People kept on doing their business.  So did I.  In fact, the rain made the run quite refreshing and the 9 miles pleasant.

I must confess however it did not start this way.  Because it rained all night, I was thinking about taking the day off from running.  You see – I was tired yesterday from the 8 miler.  So in my mind, it would be a convenient excuse to not do the 9 milers.  Plus Just the thoughts of rain, wet socks and shoes, the whole bit added to the negative chatters.

But when I stepped outside this morning it wasn’t raining.  The few sprinkles I felt was like just a passing remnant of the rain from last night.  So I went ahead with my run.  The combination of the cool air and the moisture kept me going.  Even though later on, the rain got more steady and heavier, I was happy running in the rain with my minimal shoes which made all that mind chatters a non-issue.

What is the lesson here?  Glad that I did not identify with my mind and allowed whatever was on my mind stopping me from doing the right thing – discovering how much fun it was to run in the rain.

Have you ever followed your doubts and regretted?




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