Day 5 Week 14 – Weekend Reminisced

9/30/2016 – rest day

For many, weekend is a break between work weeks, a respite from insanity, or a chance to be different, even if it was to do nothing or go nowhere.  I said for many, but not for me, as I am retired.

Having said that, I could still remember the days when I waited for the weekend. Oh yeah – sometimes as early as Mondays. But the unspoken transition usually started Friday late afternoon with the secret password, TGIF.

While at the supermarket this afternoon, I was reminded of my old paradigm on weekend.  The checkout lines were long.  People with shopping carts stocked on foods, beers, chips, liquors, and whatnot. I felt their enthusiasm to get started.  Being there, done that.

Weekend no longer holds the same value for me.  In fact, probably the opposite if any.  It is usually more crowded at the stores, longer in the traffics, and louder in the communities. Sometimes, I even look forward to Mondays as crazy as it may sound.

How does weekend work for you?

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