Day 7 Week 14 – Week In Review (2 Oct 2016)

10/2/2016 – rest day, total 47 miles this week

Got 6 more weeks until the Harrisburg Marathon.  My weight is going down, weekly mileage is up, and I feel fitter.  In spite of these encouraging trends, more training awaits.

The running gears for one is an example of what needs to be smoothed out.  Particularly with my minimal shoes. My longest run prior to the marathon is 18 miles (i.e. 2-3 weeks ago).  To go the distance (26.2 miles), the shoes not withstanding, I still need more work to ensure my race pace, muscular endurance, etc. will be able to conquer the tasks.

Not trying to sound alarmist or worrisome, I am well aware that mental preparation is part of the training.  So what remains will include psychological and emotional elements as well as indulge myself but probably not until the tapering weeks of 19 and 20.

Lastly, I will be remiss to not mention the other important factors in my life, sounding like an Oscar award recipient.  Which are the  internet, weekend,  and presidential election. Clearly they occupy important spaces in my life and hence on this blog.

So Thank you and Have a great week!

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