Day 3 Week 15 – Bravo to the VPs

10/5/2016 – 9 AM run, sunny & cool, 6 miles easy pace

The Vice Presidential debate last night between Governor Mike Pence (Rep) and Senator Tim Kaine (Dem) was a breath of fresh air in this nasty and, dare I say, trashy 2016 campaign.

Both candidates were articulate, well prepared, and fully engaged on issues of substance and interest.  For 90 minutes I followed their exchanges of blows, back and forth, attacking each other’s position while offering alternatives of their own.  It was a debate of presidential caliber.

And the best part is that the debate restored my faith in the political process and the types of leaderships we expect.  I understand that Messrs. Kaine and Pence are not the top of their party tickets.  But they do give me a ray of hope in comparison to Clinton and Trump.

What do you think about the Vice Presidential debate? Did it change your position regarding the November Election?

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