Day 7 Week 15 – Week In Review (9 Oct 2016)

10/7/2016 – rest day, total 52 miles for the week

Five weeks to the Harrisburg marathon. In addition to the high weekly mileage, my training now includes more marathon specific training like the alternating tempos, steady runs, and marathon surges. This will continue for three more weeks before tapering in the final two weeks.

The Fall marathon season has started, and my fellow SRC runners are entering various races – the Key West ( or Southern Most) marathon this week, the Wineglass marathon last week, and the Marine Corps in three weeks.  I can definitely say that I am not ready for the Harrisburg.  At least not to reaching my goal. Lets see how I feel after a few more weeks.

Switching gears to my other favorite topic: the 2016 Election.

It is getting close (one month) but yet so many dynamics which continues to make this election most interesting. Developments this week include the vice presidential candidates from the two major parties debated on Monday, more revelations about the candidates surfaced in the news that is causing more voters to change and politicians to defect.

Who will win is still anybody’s guess. So stay tune, and

Have a great week.


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