Day 1 Week 16 – Marathon Cutdown

10/10/2016 – 8 AM, cool & breezy, 3.3 miles warm-up, 6 mile cutdown (8:40, 8:30, 8:20, 8:10, 8:00, 7:50 – No rest), 3.3 mile cool down

Another marathon specific workout – Cutdown runs is intended to push one’s body by increasing effort while tired.  It is designed to teach how to maintain one’s race pace in the latter part of a marathon when the fatigue sets in.  More info here.

My splits today were: 8:51, 8:21, 8:10, 7:53, 7:41, 7:34.  While not feeling much fatigue, I was pushing hard during the last two miles.  My diaphragm was forecasting a side-stitch symptom had I continued.   In any events, it was the best cutdown I had done and a good opportunity for me to compare my running strides at the various paces.

Interestingly, with the temperature in the 40s and low 50s this morning, my toes were getting cold during the warm up and cool down.  It got me thinking about wearing my toe-socks if the weather gets colder. Not only for warmth, they will provide a layer of cushion against chafing.  Something I may consider for the Harrisburg Marathon.

How was your Monday? Was it productive?

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