Day 2 Week 16 – Shameless Politics?

10/11/2016 – 8AM, sunny & cold, 10 miles easy

37 degree was the temperature this morning when I stepped out for my run.  I had long sleeves and pants.  They not only kept me warm in the beginning but also served as sun screen for rest of the way.  Legs felt a bit tired.  Probably still feeling from yesterday’s marathon cutdown.

Shame is a powerful emotion and culturally a comparison ethic that has worked well in many parts of the world.  But not always.  As Dr. Brene Brown and others pointed out that shame is potent, and its consequence can be lethal.

Not only one’s reputation is at stake but also the family, peer, and, thanks to the internet, public humiliation that can make one’s life unbearable. But that is only if we are talking about normal people.

In politics, shaming seems to be a standard fare. Opposition research, a recognized and accepted practice, is to dig up damaging information on opponents in order to discredit them and to your advantage.

This practice has, however,  an unintended consequence – a desensitized nation. The U.S. Presidential election campaign is a perfect case in point.

Both Clinton and Trump have enough troubled past than I care to discuss.  Each side is attacking or shaming the other with the nastiest materials ever.  Meanwhile they try to talk their way out of their own flawed behaviors. It is the Vince Lombardi’s winning at all costs model.

Unfortunately, as this campaign evolves, the more shameless they appeared.  And we have no choice but get dragged into it.

How do you cope with the shameless politics? 

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2 Responses to Day 2 Week 16 – Shameless Politics?

  1. I love Brené Brown…has she commented on the state of politics lately? I’d be curious to know what she says about the mess it’s become from all the shaming going on.


    • terryshen says:

      Not to my knowledge, Elysha. I was referring to her Ted Talk on shame and how we need to face our vulnerability. It would be interesting, however, to know what Brene thinks about this election.


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