Day 3 Week 16 – Who Is Imploding?

10/12/2016 – 10 AM run, sunny & cool, 8 miles easy + 6 striders

Despite the easy pace, my legs were tired towards the end, the last mile or so.  Good thing that the weather was good, so I was able to take my time and enjoy.

In keeping with the Election year hysteria, I saw a headline something about the Republican Party Imploding.  Not sure I would characterize it the same way, but the Party does have its challenges with the coming election in November and party unity from within.  And this should not be a surprise.

Trump, being a Washington outsider, businessman, and non-politician, will put up a tough fight in the next 26 days (I hope).  Because he hates to lose.  Like to see him throw everything at Clinton, including the kitchen sink.

This will make the election more exciting, the political establishment more topsy-turvy, and the voters more informed.

All good.

Do you agree that the Republican Party is imploding?  

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