Day 4 Week 16 – Unsatisfied Opportunity?

10/13/2016 – 8AM run, sunny & cool, 10 miles easy

We all have needs and wants.  Whether it is a promotion, new car, flat screen TV, etc.  I for instance want to qualify for Boston Marathon (that is why I am in this 20 week of marathon training).

Whatever our needs and wants are, they create opportunities.  Opportunities for us and, more popularly, for others.  The example of my marathon training is an opportunity I created for myself to get fit and possibly qualify the Boston Marathon.

The others, business people, politicians, and what not, claim that they have what we want and moreover what they have can satisfy our needs.  Lose weight? No problem.  There is a whole industry full of products and services aimed to help with just that.  Looking for a change?  Same story.

The market place has a sharp sense.  The question is will we be satisfied?  Will the product or service be a good fit to our wants and needs? Or will we remain unsatisfied?

What are your needs and wants that are not yet fulfilled?  What do you need to do to satisfy them?

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