Day 6 Week 16 – Getting Nervous About the Election?

10/15/2016 – 8AM run on the C&O Canal Towpath, dense fog, 12 miles easy

Time is ticking.  With 24 days to the general election,  people may still be undecided and feeling the anxiety of not ready to vote for whom or what – Not sure where to get information about the candidates, their policy positions, voting places, deadlines, etc.

No need to panic.  Here is a one-stop shop for all the election information you need:

The League of Women Voters famous for its fight to secure the women’s right to vote has been in existence since 1920.  It operates a website that has the latest information on all the candidates (federal, state, local, including the write-in’s) at  All you have to do is entering your locale and the site will pull up your personalized voting information.

Rest assure that The League is nonpartisan, not for profit, and not endorsing any candidates.  Its mission is to provide the voters with information they need to make an informed choice.  You may find its website has just the information you are looking for.

Not sure how to get voting information?  Don’t know whom to vote for or to believe in? Check out 

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One Response to Day 6 Week 16 – Getting Nervous About the Election?

  1. It’s only 24 days away??? Wow. It’s really creeping up on us!


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