Day 7 Week 16 – Week In Review (16 Oct 2016)

10/16/2016 – rest day, total 53 miles this week

Time is getting close.  Both to the general election and my Harrisburg Marathon (they are five days apart).  Interesting timing.

Needless to say, lots of nation’s attention is trained on this year’s historical campaign that has demonstrated to be unique and nasty.  Unique in that the Republican party is imploding regarding its presidential nominee, Trump.  And nasty as in both Trump and Clinton have the lowest popularity rating due to their personalities and characters (or lack of).

On a personal side, I am in the midst of marathon specific phase of the training.  Which will last two more weeks.  This is an opportunity to fine-tune my target racing pace.  Two more weeks.  After that, I will be slowing down (tapering) to get ready for the marathon.

Lastly, kudos to the U.S. Navy who celebrated its 241 birthday this week.  Its core values of honor, courage, and commitment rings true with me and is the model I try to live up to.

Have a great week!


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