Day 1 Week 17 – Tempo Intervals

10/17/2016 – 7 AM run, sunny, 3.3 miles warm up, 3 x 2.5 miles at 8:00 to 8:10 pace w/3 min jogging rest, 3.3 miles cool down

Tempo intervals (i.e. tempo runs broken into intervals) is intended to push my lactate threshold by running both faster and longer (when adding up all the intervals) without generating more lactic acid then my body can process.  For a refresher on the different tempo runs, see here.

My splits and (pace) for today’s tempo intervals were 19:39 (7:52 ), 19:49 (7:56 ), 20:07 (8:03).  You would think 2.5 miles (10x) around the track is skull numbing.  But the shorter marker, 2 minutes per loop, actually made the intervals went quickly.  All I had to do was to focus on maintaining my pace two minutes at a time.

To maintain the pace, I tried to relax my body and breath.  My goal was to integrate my stride, breath, form, everything into a smooth rhythm.  Still got some work to do:  my strides weren’t as efficient as I would like because I could feel my right sole was rubbing from the uneven loading and subsequently the coming of a blister.

A footnote – I used to loath the tempo runs.  Did not really appreciate how it works nor how it would help my running.   I muddled through them with mixed outcomes. But after all these years, I can finally say that I am getting more comfortable at these runs.  What a difference between now and then.

Running requires putting one foot in front of the other regardless how one feels.   Have faith and keep doing it, and one day it will happen.

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