Day 2 Week 17 – Aches & Pains

10/18/2016 – 9 AM run, sunny, 7 miles easy

Rolling out of the bed, I moaned and stumbled to avoid putting weight on my heels.  They have been sore for the past month or so.  And the soreness comes and goes depend on my marathon training. Usually, my heels are better after a day of rest, but before they are good, the cycle continues – I am running again.

As I limped down the stairs, my hand grabbed the handrail for balance and support. Going down side-way, one stair at at a time.  It was pathetic.  Maybe I should take the day off?  I was thinking. Instead, I put on a pair of socks to give my feet the extra cushions for the 7 mile run.

Masochist, I am not.  I ice my ankle and heel areas when the symptom flares up, stretch my Achilles before I run, and massage my feet as part of my yoga practice for tired legs. And I do more.  All part of the training, I tell myself.

“No pain, no gain” is not my model.  At least not for the marathon training.  Everyone knows that marathon is an endurance sport.  The training merely conditions one’s body to endure the challenge of running the distance, 26.2 miles.  My day will come.

As such, I don’t take any pain medication to mask the pains.  How would I know otherwise if the symptom is getting better?

Are you experiencing aches and pains?  If so, how do you manage them without taking pain medication?

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2 Responses to Day 2 Week 17 – Aches & Pains

  1. EraMe says:

    Pain is the story of my life for the past 4 weeks. I consider myself lucky 🍀 that previous HM trainings were pain free. However it seems like it is all catching up on me now, all at once. I was on and off running for the first two weeks, however the pain got unbearable. So I stopped for two weeks. I am going for a short run 🏃🏼 tomorrow. Fingers crossed all goes well! Which Marathon are you running?


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