Day 3 Week 17 – Meaning Of Life?

10/19/2016 – 7 AM run, cloudy & cool, 7 miles easy + 6 striders

The question remains the same, but the answer evolves.

For this serious topic, I went online and searched the internet for answers to this eternal question.  I found the Wikipedia provided a decent response.  It pointed out that the nature of this question has to do with our curiosity towards the significance of human existence.

Wow.  So, what is then the meaning of life?

The answers apparently vary depending on our perspectives.  They range from scientific, psychological to religious, spiritual.  You name it. The whole gamma.  A straight forward question that has been studied by people over the centuries in all fields defies a simple answer.

As an example – let’s assume for the moment that the purpose of life is to understand, learn, and grow.

It is quite apparent that there are no end to our understanding, learning, and growing.  It is a lifelong pursuit. And the answer is discovered by each of us through our journeys.

The meaning of life can be as significant as we make it.  Einstein, Freud, and Gandhi are some of the well known examples that have filled part of the inquiry.  Each of us can come up with our own answer, the one that scratches our itch and satisfies our curiosity.

In short, the answer can be as complex as life itself.

What is your meaning of life?

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2 Responses to Day 3 Week 17 – Meaning Of Life?

  1. I used to think I had to find an answer to this – that there was an answer. Now I think it’s enough to keep asking questions … 🙂


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