Day 4 Week 17 – Indian Summer

10/20/2016 – 8 AM run, pleasant, 7 miles easy

Indian summer – noun.  a period of unusually dry, warm weather occurring in late autumn.

Usually when I write about the weather, it is negative:  heat, freeze, too hot, too cold, etc. That is not the case today.  Temperature got above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and I could say nothing but praises.


This is my view when running around the neighborhood.

When I stepped out for my 7 mile run this morning, it was in the low 60’s.  No humidity, no ultraviolet sun ray, and no complaint.  In fact, it was so perfect, for the first time in a long while, I felt my running is coming together.

My feet were hitting the pavement swiftly with light contacts.  Not the slightest discomfort. My breathing was even and comfortable.  I was so much absorbed with my running, the 7 miles did not feel as long.

How was your day/ weather today?

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