Day 6 Week 17 – Is The Media Biased?

10/22/2016 – 16 mile long run with miles 12 to mile 15 (3 miles) at 8:00 pace or faster

Did the long run but not the fast finish surge (mile 12 – 15).  My running partner was recovering from a pulled muscle.  So we decided to take it easy.

First, my apology for the rhetorical title.  But aren’t reporters supposed to report, without bias?

Understand that we are all human, thus subject to our emotions &  opinions.  But  professional journalists are paid to be objectivity.  Otherwise, how are they different from any other opinionated individuals?

Apparently the Golden Rule of Objectivity is too hard to uphold when it comes to this year’s election. The reporting about the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner on Thursday night showcases another example how the press has drunk the kool-aid and can not resist to inject their nose in it.

Do we the readers have to fact-check the reporters?  It is bad enough when the candidates get into it.  We don’t need the reporters to stir the pot.

How do you get your news?  Do you like the editorialized reporting?  

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