Day 7 Week 17 – Week in Review (23 Oct 2016)

10/23/2016 – rest day, total 58 miles for the week.

This is the highest mileage week of my 20 week marathon training.  The mileage will start to taper from now on and gradually the training intensity as well.  I frankly was surprised by the total distance ran this week.

It is telling from my posts about the tempo runs and the aches & pains that the cumulative fatigue of the training is stressing my body, in a good way.

It reminds me the Netflix documentary, Barkley Marathons (130 miles, ultra-endurance run really).  People subject themselves to grueling challenges not because they like pain.  They do so to discover the part of themselves that would not otherwise arise from sitting on a couch.

For me, marathon distance is challenge enough. Even though I have been running it for 16 years. The 20 week training and the race afford me the opportunity to reflect on my life, enjoy nature and the not so natural.

Only three weeks left until my marathon and 16 days to the General election.

Have a great week!





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2 Responses to Day 7 Week 17 – Week in Review (23 Oct 2016)

  1. So – just maybe – I’m starting to understand why you are training – I’m one of those couch people and never understood the focus on the body for its own sake – but your comments about reflection and connection may just help me rise 🙂


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