Day 1 Week 18 – Waiting

10/24/2016 – 8 AM run, sunny & cool, 3.3 miles warm up, 6 mile tempo (first 3 miles at 8:20 pace, second 3 miles as fast as you can, target ~ 8:00 pace), 3.3 miles cool down

My splits for the tempo runs were: 8:12, 8:06, 8:01, 7:34, 7:36, 7:33.  The “as fast as you can” portion was an interesting drill.  Did not want to go out too fast and risk not finishing the three miles, but fast enough to make my legs felt heavy.

Today marks the start of the final 3 weeks of my marathon training.  Knowing the bulk of the work is behind me and,  in 21 days, everything I have been training for will be put on the starting line, I am awash with this surreal feeling of waiting, in anticipation.

Not that my work is done.  Tasks like transition into tapering, race preparation, logistics, etc. are still ahead.  In fact, it won’t be over until I crossed that marathon finishing line. But at least for now, my mind and body are coming together like newly weds.

Are you waiting for things to happen? How does it feel?

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