Day 2 Week 18 – Endurance Training

10/25/2016 – 7 AM run, cold (37 degree), 9 miles easy

Despite of going to bed early, my sorry body is still tired from the tempo runs of yesterday.  I must have run really fast, too fast perhaps.  Otherwise, a nine mile run at easy pace, albeit not short, should not have stun me this morning.

It is true the air was frigid.  But I prepared myself for it: long sleeves, pants, gloves and even muffler. My route was the familiar path through the neighborhoods. No hills or other surprises.  The only surprising part was that my whole body was dragging particularly during the last two miles.

The run actually reminded me of the marathon, the part where you are trying mind-over-body, power yourself through, but the mind isn’t there. It says, not me. The whole body just want to quit.  By the last mile this morning I felt like walking. Seriously.

But of course I didn’t.  That would just prolonged the agony.  The neighbor kid at the bus stop asked, how is the run?

“Good,” I squeezed out a smile, waved, and pressed on.

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