Day 3 Week 18 – Holding On?

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10/26/2016 – 11 AM run, sunny, 8 miles easy  w/6 striders

Gosh, I wish I would never get old, never get sick, or never get lonely.  It is natural when we try to hold on to the things we have, particularly the things of value.  We don’t want to let them go. But deep down we all know that things will change as surely as the sun will rise from the East tomorrow.

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”

                                                            ― Heraclitus

We will not stay young, healthy, or in a relationship forever.  But that does not mean we shouldn’t try, as long as the inevitable are recognized, acknowledged, and planned for with appropriate transitions.  This way, we can actually hold on to the positive things a bit longer than otherwise.

How well do you adapt to change? Smooth or bumpy? By choice or by force?

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