Day 6 Week 18 – Dishonest Vs Distasteful

10/29/2016 – 8 AM run, sunny, 12 miles easy

An op-ed piece I read characterized this year’s presidential choices from the two major parties as: dishonest versus distasteful.  How unfortunate yet apropos!  The op-ed notwithstanding, voters’ job is to select a candidate that they believe will be the best for the country.

To be fair, there are more than two presidential choices on the ballot.  In addition to the Democrat and Republican candidates, there are the Libertarian, Green, and other parties that I can’t even begin to name.

Whether you agree with the characterization by the op-ed piece or not, do vote (polls are open now for early voting) and vote with your conscious.  Life is a series of choices.  Make a selection and live with the consequence.  Isn’t that what democracy is about?

It would not be the end of the world.

PS. A shout out to the folks running the Marine Corps Marathon tomorrow.  Drink a lot. It’s going to be warm tomorrow.

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