Day 2 Week 19 – Election Campaign Irregularities

11/1/2016 – 8 AM run, cloudy & cool, 6 miles easy recovery run

Columnist Michael McFaul of the Washington Post shared his observations on the U.S. 2016 Election – an election that is unquestioned unique and historical.  McFaul has served as an election monitor on multiple international elections missions.

Selected observations that raised McFaul’s red flag are as follows:

  1. Too much money injected into the process by the super wealthy
  2. Media bias
  3. Electoral College’s vulnerability to fraud
  4. Distored primaries
  5. Candidate from one of the major parties would refuse to abide by the election outcome

Source: Trump is right: The United States needs electoral reform – The Washington Post

What do you think about the U.S. election process? It’s good, bad, or don’t care?

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